Congratulations to our four finalists!

Wendy Bone, author of “Melangun”
Wendy Bone’s most recent work has appeared in The Investigative Journal, Bawaajigan: Stories of Power, Cli-Fi: Canadian Tales of Climate Change, Creative Nonfiction, and River Teeth Journal. She wrote “Melangun” in Banff Centre’s Literary Journalism program.

Kate Felix, author of “Up North Hustle”
Kate Felix is a writer and filmmaker based in Toronto.  Her work has appeared in Room Magazine, Into the Void, and Cream City Review, among others.

Leslie Greentree, author of “Pink Smock Stories”
Leslie Greentree writes fiction, essays and the occasional play. She lives in Edmonton.

Margaret Nowaczyk, author of “Mother-Daughter Phrasebook: Definitions”
Margaret Nowaczyk is a pediatric clinical geneticist. She has published two books on genealogy and genetics in Poland. Her memoir about working in the medical profession is due out in 2021 with Wolsak and Wynn. She lives in Hamilton.