The Creative Nonfiction Collective Society (CNFC) promotes innovation and excellence in Canadian creative nonfiction writing. As the only Canadian arts organization devoted to the creative nonfiction genre, the CNFC plays a significant role in its development in Canada. We work to provide opportunities for writers to enrich their professional skills, and we advocate for the genre’s prominence and inclusion in Canada’s educational institutions, cultural agencies, and literary organizations.

The purpose of the organization is to promote creative nonfiction writing as its exclusive purpose. We function on a national basis by conducting development workshops and literary events, contests, and reading events that provide educational, professional development, and networking opportunities among members, editors, publishers and the public at large. 

Since 2004, CNFC has hosted an annual conference to further deepen writers’ understanding of, and feeling for, the art, craft, and ethics of creative nonfiction. Visit our conference page for more information about the 2023 upcoming event.

For the fourth year in a row, CNFC will partner with the Humber Literary Review for our annual creative nonfiction contest, open to CNFC members and the public. Visit our contest page for information about 2023 contest guidelines, deadlines, and submission information.

In 2020, based on member feedback, CNFC launched an annual series of monthly webinars, free to our members. For the past two years, we’ve hosted conversations and workshops with leading Canadian writers about issues and craft related to the nonfiction genre. Click here for more information on past and upcoming 2023 webinars.