Mission and Background

Learn about CNFC’s commitment to creative nonfiction and those who write it and read it:


In 2004, Myrna Kostash and Betsy Warland invited a group of writers to discuss the range and potential of this new growing literary genre. They debated the social, cultural and ethical issues that defined and preoccupied creative nonfiction writers in the early twenty-first century. This gathering, held in Banff, Alberta, became the first annual CNFC Conference.

In April 2006, the group registered as a non-profit organization in the province of Alberta. In 2013, we revised our registration to incorporate as the Creative Nonfiction Collective Society, affectionately known to all of us as the CNFC.


The CNFC Society exists to promote innovation in Canadian nonfiction writing. We strive for greater readership, to provide opportunities for our members to enrich their professional skills, to collaborate on new technologies and explore new approaches to publishing.