Who are we?

All current members are listed on our Member page. From across Canada, our numbers are growing steadily. We are a diverse group. Some CNFC members are students at the beginning of their writing careers. Some are emerging writers. Others are mid-career. Some have dedicated their professional writing lives to the genre. We have book authors, magazine writers, journalists, and bloggers. The CNFC welcomes everyone, regardless of publishing credits.

What is the Creative Nonfiction Collective?

The CNFC Society exists to promote innovation in Canadian nonfiction writing. We strive for greater readership, to provide opportunities for our members to enrich their professional skills, to collaborate on new technologies and explore new approaches to publishing.

In 2004, our founders, Myrna Kostash and Betsy Warland, invited a group of writers to discuss the range and potential of this new growing literary genre. They debated the social, cultural and ethical issues that defined and preoccupied creative nonfiction writers in the early twenty-first century. This gathering, held in Banff, Alberta, became the first annual CNFC Conference.

In April 2006, the group registered as a non-profit organization in the province of Alberta. In 2013, we revised our registration to incorporate as the Creative Nonfiction Collective Society, affectionately known to all of us as the CNFC.

Each year, the CNFC’s growth is visible in the popularity of our annual conference. Between conferences, our Board works to promote other events for our coast-to-coast community of writers, such as the “Reading Cabaret” nights that have taken place in Edmonton, Victoria, Toronto, and Montreal, and the recent Contest collaboration with carte blanche magazine.

Since the founding of the CNFC, the genre of creative nonfiction has grown in prominence in traditional publishing and all other media. In the past decade, creative writing programs have appeared across the country, most recently the new Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction at University of King’s College in Halifax. Since the CNFC’s inception, we have also seen a noticeable increase in the number of literary contests, awards, and grants for creative nonfiction. Canada even has a literary festival dedicated to nonfiction: Edmonton’s annual Litfest. The CNFC has played a vital role in the continuing development and success of Canadian creative nonfiction.

 Why do creative nonfiction writers in Canada need their own organization?

Writers who work in the same genre define its characteristics and push its boundaries. Coming together collaboratively allows us to nourish new ideas. We are a community that thrives on creative inspiration. The more we work together, the more opportunities we have for that inspiration to occur. As well, the CNFC enables us to be connected from coast-to-coast and reach out to our reading audiences and our supporters.

How do I become a member?

Click on the Join or Renew button on our Homepage and fill out the form. Once your payment has been received, you will be enrolled on this website’s list of members. If you have a website, it will be linked to your name.

What is the CNFC listserv?

The CNFC listserv is an email forum open to anyone interested in creative nonfiction in Canada. We use it to pass along news items and links of interest to creative nonfiction writers, to post announcements about our conference and the successes of our members, and to have discussions about genre-related topics. You don’t have to be a CNFC member to join the Listserv, but we hope that once you hear our voices, you’ll want to become part of our Collective.

What are the Readers’ Choice Awards?

The CNFC Readers’ Choice Award is handed out each year at our Conference. Before the Conference, CNFC members send in their nominations. The nominated works must be creative nonfiction written by a Canadian author and published in the past two years. Because CNFC members are very discerning readers, we created this award as a way to recognize an under-recognized work of quality creative nonfiction that might not have received the attention it deserves. For a list of past nominees and winners, check out our Readers’ Choice section.

Where is creative nonfiction published?

While not always shelved or advertised under that label, creative nonfiction is published in a wide variety of Canadian magazines and literary journals, as well as by book publishers large and small. For a list of publishing resources, go to our Resources page. For a list of creative nonfiction competitions, go to our Competitions page.

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