Links to news, information, stories, and other things of interest to creative nonfiction writers

 Compiled by Julija Sukys

Wondering where to submit your work or read the newest texts of our genre?

Canadian journals that publish CNF include Malahat Review, Prairie Fire, Room, Antigonish Review, Brick, and carte blanche. There are many others, I’m sure, that I’ve forgotten, so do send more Canadian titles this way as they come to mind.

Still, if you’re reading this roundup, chances are that you know these titles already. Here are some that might be less familiar:

Queen’s Quarterly, out of Kingston, Ontario, has an imaginative and bold editor. Quirky and personal essays can find a home there. 

Creative Nonfiction is looking for pieces for their themed issues. Upcoming themes: Childhood, Learning from Nature, Siblings.

River Teeth exclusively publishes nonfiction, “including narrative reportage, essays, and memoirs, as well as critical essays that examine the emerging genre and that explore the impact of nonfiction narrative on the lives of its writers, subjects, and readers.” These people do good work. Take a look at their guidelines. 

Who publishes lyric essays? Hybrid texts? Transgressive and daring work? Try these fantastic journals:


Hotel Amerika

Passages North

The Normal School 

If you have links to suggest for CNF Roundup please email us!