CNF Round-up #4

Links to news, information, stories, and other things of interest to creative nonfiction writers  Compiled by Julija Sukys Wondering where to submit your work or read the newest texts of our genre? Canadian journals that publish CNF include Malahat Review, Prairie Fire, Room, Antigonish Review, Brick, and carte blanche. There are many others, I’m sure, that I’ve forgotten, so do send more Canadian titles this way as they come to mind. Still, if you’re reading this roundup, chances are that…

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Books to use when teaching CNF

Here’s a list of books to use when teaching CNF. It’s not exhaustive, but it’s a good start. This list originally grew out of a discussion by members of the CNFC. Members of “Essaying the 21st Century” (on Facebook) have added to it as well. Feel free to leave further suggestions in the comments field!

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