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Are you a CNFC member? Have you got some writing to share? We are currently seeking pitches for our blog. The CNFC has a modest budget to pay for blog entries. We can offer $50 honoraria for select original content pieces. Please get in touch if you’d like to contribute! Ideas for post content include the following: – Reporting on CNFC events near or far from you – Issues of craft in CNF – Issues of living the writerly life…

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Members Blog: How to be a Happy Writer

Part I: How to Pitch and Sell Writing Projects that Really Matter to You  By Ann Douglas Your enthusiasm and passion for a particular project are your best selling tools as a writer. Ever tried to pitch a project that didn’t matter to you at all, but that you pitched anyway because your bank account balance urged you on? How did that work out for you? Odds are your pitch was half-hearted at best—and unlikely to inspire an editor. And…

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