CNF tip of the week: literary journalism

The CNFC and carte blanche want your writing! Send your best, previously unpublished nonfiction piece of 3,000 words or less—  whether it’s literary journalism, memoir, personal essay, or lyric essay — by November 30th, 2017. For more information about these subcategories, read on. Today, we feature…

Literary journalism

Literary or narrative journalism is writing that combines the stylistic techniques of fiction, such as dialogue, character development, and scene-setting, with the nitty-gritty accuracy of reporting and research. The subject matter can be anything, from an election campaign to the profile of an artist, from the exploration of a cultural phenomenon to a true crime story or a scientific discovery. But whatever the topic, the author’s voice or point of view is key to the power of the piece.

A few examples

George Orwell: “A Hanging.”

Joan Didion: “Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream.”

Desmond Cole: “The Skin I’m In.”

Katherine Ashenburg: “Critical Mass.

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